Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission: Planting Seeds for the Future

At Leaf & Vine, our passion for the planet goes beyond words. We're committed to tangible action, a promise we uphold through our partnership with Ecologi. Every product you purchase from us is a step toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Planting Hope with Every Order

We believe in the power of collective action. For every item sold, we contribute to planting a tree, turning your purchases into pillars of change. These trees, part of global reforestation efforts, are more than just plants; they're symbols of hope and renewal.

Why Ecologi?

Ecologi leads the way in climate action, achieving remarkable feats like planting millions of trees and offseting carbon emissions. Their dedication to transparency and real-world impact resonates with our values at Leaf & Vine. This synergy drives our partnership, ensuring that every contribution makes a difference.

A Greener Legacy

Our collaboration is more than a business initiative; it's our commitment to the planet. We're not just selling products; we're nurturing a healthier Earth. Join us in this crucial journey. Every purchase is a pledge to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Together, let's grow a greener world.

Leaf & Vine – Where Nature Meets Nurture


Hands gently cradling a young tree growing from soil, with a vibrant depiction of Earth in the background, surrounded by lush green trees, symbolizing environmental care and sustainability