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Leaf and Vine 4-in-1 USB Rechargeable Cordless Red Wine Bottle Opener

Leaf and Vine 4-in-1 USB Rechargeable Cordless Red Wine Bottle Opener

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Product Description:

Save your energy and time with this Cordless Wine Bottle Opener Set. The set comes with an Aluminum foil Cutter, Bottle Opener, Vacuum Stopper, and Wine Pourer completing the process of opening to serving your wine. This Electric Corkscrew is perfect for romantic dinners, wine and steak night, or just a simple night with you and your wine.

This wine opener can open and pull out the cork from your wine bottle in just 5 seconds. To do this, cut the foil and place the bottle opener on top of the cork, press the button and your wine will be opened and ready to serve in no time. No-fuss and hassle, just wine.

This Electric Wine Opener is made with multiple materials such as Aluminum, ABS, and PC, creating a durable and efficient product, and employs a lightweight and sleek design, can be brought wherever the celebration is, can easily be put away when not in use, and does not take up so much space.

Product Specification: 

Color: Silver

Material: Aluminum, ABS, PC

Size: 4.5 * 25.2 cm

Weight: 766g

Functions: Electric Corkscrew

Battery Information: USB Interface

Package Inclusion:

1 * Electric Corkscrew Set

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual


 Delivery Information:

Please note, this item is only made and shipped to order, our manufacturer is China based with a number of European Manufacturers as part of the group. As a result when placing your order this may take up to 14 working days to be delivered. We believe in making products to order to ensure we only make what we sell to prevent any waste or needles production for a more sustainable future. Whilst it may take longer to receive we know you will be delighted with your product once it arrives . This will also mean that any orders placed after the 5th of December will not be guaranteed to arrive before xmas so please do bare this in mind when placing your order with us


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