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Battery Operated Rotary Knob Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Battery Operated Rotary Knob Magnetic Kitchen Timer

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Product Description:

This Digital Kitchen Timer has a rotary knob with synchronized reverse which helps avoid mechanical pressing, you only have to rotate the knob to set the timer. When the timer is reversed, all of the numbers will be reversed synchronously.

It also stays on for 5 seconds in bright mode and goes into a dim mode when counting to save energy. The timer will automatically turn off for 10 seconds after a pause; just press the knob to activate it again.

This timer is perfect for cooking, yoga, massage, fitness, classroom, meeting, and other activities. Its tick-free operation makes learning more focused without distractions.

The alarm volume is 60-80DB. Say goodbye to unfinished burgers and overcooked steaks at the set time from 99min55 seconds countdown to zero.

You can also use it as a stopwatch to count from 0 to 99:55 to test your stamina, sprint speed, and more.

The white bold numbers on the black cylindrical HD LCD display make it easier to read, not tired, and very beautiful. Use the magnetic rod to attach the kitchen timer to a metal surface, such as a refrigerator.

Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: 36 x 112 mm

Weight: 82g

Function: Timer

Battery Information: 1 x AAA (not included)


Package Inclusion:

1 x Digital Timer

 Delivery Information:

Please note, this item is only made and shipped to order, our manufacturer is China based with a number of European Manufacturers as part of the group. As a result when placing your order this may take up to 14 working days to be delivered. We believe in making products to order to ensure we only make what we sell to prevent any waste or needles production for a more sustainable future. Whilst it may take longer to receive we know you will be delighted with your product once it arrives . This will also mean that any orders placed after the 5th of December will not be guaranteed to arrive before xmas so please do bare this in mind when placing your order with us. 

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