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Brew Tea Co - Loose Leaf Tea Scoop

Brew Tea Co - Loose Leaf Tea Scoop

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If you have our amazing loose leaf tea then this is the perfect accessory to go with it.

Its perfect because this scoop does just the right amount of rolled whole leaves into our tea pot to make a proper cup of tea. Not too much, not too little and its the same scoop we use in our very own coffee shop..  Just 1 Scoop makes the perfect cuppa every time. 

A must have, even if we do say so ourselves. 

Oh! and why not match your scoop to your favorite blend.

choose from the array of colors available and make you loose leaf tea blend match your perfect tea scoop. 

Please allow longer periods of time for delivery on these items due to them being Manufactured in Europe. we expect no more the 1 weeks delivery time from the date of order. 


Shipping & Returns

We aim to ship on next day delivery where possible when orders are placed before 12:00am excluding weekend days.

For a small number of Leaf and Vine Branded Products (excluding the Coffee) as well as the Sanremo Coffee Machines, product delivery times can vary. This is because these prodcuts are manufactered ouside of the UK so will typically have longer delivery times. If you wish to know a more acurate delivery time for any of the items we sell, please dont hesitate to call us directly on 0151 334 0818 or email and one of our team members will be glad to assist you.

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