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Brew Tea Company

Brew Tea Company - Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit - English Breakfast - Pot, Scoop, Tea

Brew Tea Company - Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit - English Breakfast - Pot, Scoop, Tea

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Looking to get started in the world of incredible tasting high quality loose leaf tea's ?

Well Leaf and Vine have the perfect starter kit for you!

Our beautiful kit, designed for both loose leaf newbies and enthusiasts alike, has everything you need to get you brewing loose leaf tea, Faff-free and with no mess.

From this amazing kit you'll simply get a cracking cup of tea every singe time. 

Whats in the Kit: 

  • 1 x Tea Pot For One
  • 1 x Tea Scoop
  • 1 x 113g English Breakfast

Thinking of getting someone a GIFT ?

Then what could be more thoughtful than this amazing starter kit, delivering a beautiful cup of tea every morning without fail and don't worry about topping your English Breakfast Tin up once it becomes empty, because we always carry stock of both 500g & 150g packs in all our delicious Loose Leaf Tea blends.

Simply come back to , order more of your favorite tea and we will get it out to you on next day delivery 

What could be better than that, Fantastic hey!
Join the Leaf and Vine Family today 

How to look after your kit:

The Tea Pot is dishwasher safe. But don't forget to empty the leaves first. Don't stir, especially when it's hot. Never use if you notice any cracks and the lid should fit snugly. The Scoop is dishwasher safe, but it's best to dry clean this to keep your leaves free of moisture.

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