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Brew Tea Company

Brew Tea Co - Tea Pot For One - 400ml

Brew Tea Co - Tea Pot For One - 400ml

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THE PERFECT Faff-Free Tea Pot for Luxury Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Brew Tea Company set out to design the perfect tea pot for easy, tasty loose leaf tea and we think this stunning item has cracked it. Its all down to the science - there's no basket. so the rolled whole leaves have tons of space to absorb more water, releasing more of their wonderful flavour. The bonus of a strong glass tea pot like this means you also get to watch those leaves unfurl as they brew.

Awesome kit Means awesome tea every single time you make a brew.

when making tea with rolled whole leaves, the kit is just as important as the tea. there's nothing worse than clattering, dribbling equipment undoing all the work you put into sourcing really good tea. Ours is designed to ensure that brewing tea is simpler than ever before. Its easy to use, looks fantastic and showcases those leaves as much as possible. All you need to do is add tea and water,for a cup that's worth the wait very time.


Step 1 - Pop 1 Level scoop {or 2 tspns} of your favourite loose leaf blend into the tea pot. Our English Breakfast blend is our go-to, of course!

Step 2 - Fill the pot with 400ml of water. Water temperature is key to a great tasting sup of tea, so you'll always find temperature guidance on our packs.

Step 3 - Let your loose leaves brew according to the time on the blend box. Three minutes will give you a lighter smooth cup. A five minute brew is for those who like theirs stronger eith a dash of milk - but not much longer as it will begin to taste bitter

Follow these steps and enjoy the best brew from the best tea pot on the market.


Our tea pot is made from borosilicate glass. Its strong enough to handle being in a dishwasher and can take hot or cold water. The easiest way to get rid of leaves after you've finished is to gently swirl the pot under a trickle water, and pour through a sieve.

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