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Brew Tea Company

Brew Tea Co - English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

Brew Tea Co - English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

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The one that started it all. Our classic loose leaf English Breakfast Tea is exactly how a real cup of tea should taste. A perfectly balanced, malty classic. The tasty richness of Indian Assam coupled with a light, fresh Ceylon. Rolled Whole Leaves. No Dust in site as we use the top percentage of tea in the world. Truly delightful tea that makes the perfect brew for anytime of the day. All our packaging is completely recyclable.  


Indian Assam. Sri Lankan Ceylon. We always buy the most recent harvest here at Tea HQ for the freshest tea. It's got a 2 year shelf life once it gets to you - but don't worry, you'll have drunk it by then.


Strong, Malty, Earthy, Rich

Our Tips to Best Brewing English Breakfast tea.




Boiling Water



Brewing Tip

400ml is perfect for 5g of loose leaf English Breakfast.
Brewing this one is all about finding just how you like it. Try brewing for 3-4 minutes black, or 4-5 minutes with milk. Your tea will start tasting bitter if it’s left to brew for too long so if you fancy a stronger cup, add some more tea leaves. 

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