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Leaf and Vine Decaffeinated Mexican Mountain Water Blend - 1kg Bag

Leaf and Vine Decaffeinated Mexican Mountain Water Blend - 1kg Bag

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Leaf and Vine Luxury Decaffeinated Mexican Mountain Blend

Looking for the very best decaffeinated Coffee around ? then look no further. Our Leaf and Vine decaffeinated Coffee beans are exactly what you seek. Our exclusive blend is delicious, smooth and nutty. Its is also produced in the the most natural way possible and comes straight from the glacier mountain of Pico de Orizaba in Mexica. Not only is this one of the highest Mountains in Mexico it is also the third highest Mountain in all of North America.

Grown in the south of Mexico, where most key plantations exist, these incredible green beans produce a consistent, well balanced taste even after the decaffeinated process has been completed. The coffee is known to be delicately bodied and pleasantly dry with a stunning crisp finish.  Our Luxury blend is also 100% organic and rain forest alliance certified. What could be better than this.. 

So how do we decaffeinate our beans ?

We use the The Swiss Mountain Water Process.
A batch of beans are soaked in hot Swiss mountain water to remove the caffeine. The solution then passes through many filters which collect large, small and oily molecules that all contains this delicious flavour. The caffeine is removed through the addition of more coffee beans being added to this solution and flavour stays within the beans whilst the caffeine is removed by way osmosis. Pretty special hey 

A common misconception is that there is absolutely no caffeine in decaf, however in most there is still a tiny amount left.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that at least 97% of the caffeine needs to be removed for companies to label their products decaf. Our decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine free, so we can guarantee you will feel none of the effects of caffeine and we believe this will be the very best decaffeinated coffee you will have ever tried. So why not go ahead and give it a try, you wont be disappointed . 

Country of Origin: Pica de Orizaba Mountain Glacier, Mexico
Process: Mountain Water Process
Roast: Medium Roast
Flavour: Smooth, Nutty
Acidity: Low
Flavour Notes: Caramel, Vanilla
Recommended Brewing Methods: ESPRESSO – 17G/38G 25-30 SECONDS
Elevation: 1000M – 1750M

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