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Leaf and Vine USB Interface 3 Temperatures Coffee Cup Beverage Warmer

Leaf and Vine USB Interface 3 Temperatures Coffee Cup Beverage Warmer

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Product Description:


Never drink cold beverages again with this Coffee Cup Beverage Warmer. This coaster warms up your drink at a constant temperature. It is equipped with OLED Display Technology which shows the temperature.


This coaster is equipped with a durable metal panel for more efficient and strong heat conduction, which helps in keeping your drink warm all day long. It also has a one-key touch control that can be used to select the temperature of the heating panel.


This heating coaster is equipped with three temperature gears to keep your beverage warm and easy to drink. The First Gear is a constant temperature of 50°C, which is the optimal milk temperature, Second Gear has a temperature of 60°C is perfect for healthy drinks and the Third Gear has a temperature of 70°C which is the right temperature for your coffee.


This coaster is equipped with a portable design, perfect to use in your home, or office, and perfectly safe to bring with you during your travels and holidays because this does not take up so much space. This is the perfect companion for people who loves breakfast, coffees, teas, and other warm beverages.




Package Specification:


Color: Green, Pink, White


Material: ABS


Size: 13.00×12.00×2.30cm


Weight: 180g


Function: Cup Warmer


Input voltage: 5V


Rated power: 10W


Input current: 2A


Temperature range: 55-65-75


Power supply mode: USB power supply


Timing function: 8H timing shutdown




Package Inclusion:



1x Cup Warmer

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